Co-existing with urban wildlife


Living at Cascade Village means living and sharing the urban landscape with wildlife. Our wild backyard neighbours include:

  • Squirrels
  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Coyotes
  • Geese and ducks
  • Crows
  • Rats
  • Birds

During your residence at Cascade Village you may encounter some or all of the above depending upon the season and wildlife behaviour. Some of these encounters might be on common property (e.g. a squirrel running up a tree) and some of these encounters might be on limited common property (e.g. a squirrel running across your patio). It is important to learn how to coexist with our wild neighbours and know when human invention is necessary.

When intervention is necessary

Certain seasons, like Spring, signal mating season for many of our wildlife neighbours. Others, like rats, breed more often. During those times squirrels, raccoons or rats will seek warm, dry and secluded shelter to raise their young. Attics or alcoves sheltered by shrubs are perfect places for wildlife to nest and squirrels, raccoons and rats will seek a convenient entry way into buildings or create one; thereby damaging the building.

Look and listen

Watch for wildlife loitering near the building. A squirrel running along a fence, patio or wooden deck is harmless; however, if you observe the same squirrel returning to an area on the roof it could mean they are seeking an entry way or have found one. The same applies to raccoons. Residents with upper units should look for signs of gnawing and listen for sounds wildlife have entered the attic e.g. pitter-patter of feet.

Call the property manager if you believe wildlife have taken up residence in your attic or seeking entry way to the building, and be clear on what you are seeing and hearing.

When intervention isn’t necessary

Our wildlife neighbours will visit for several reasons but primarily to search for food or water. There are plenty of natural food sources nearby but wildlife are opportunists who will forage at Cascade Village if other food sources are readily available. This includes planters on your patio or deck especially if you are growing food they enjoy. If you choose to grow food on patio or deck you may inadvertently attract squirrels, rats or raccoons. Try companion planting or sprinkle cayenne pepper on soil and plants.

Other tips to deter wildlife

  • Keep patios and decks tidy and uncluttered.
  • Do not leave any garbage outdoors.
  • Do not leave or store pet food outdoors.
  • Do not leave or store human food outdoors.
  • Clean your barbecue grill following use.
  • Rinse recyclable containers and keep recycling bin lids closed.
  • Do not hang bird feeders. Bird feeders are not permitted at Cascade Village as they attract rats and squirrels.
  • Do not let weeds or shrubs become overgrown. Lower units must maintain their limited common area.
  • Never purposely leave food outdoors for wildlife.
More information is available at WildSafeBC where you can read more about making a WildSafe yard.