Visitor Parking Permits

How to obtain a visitor parking pass

Cascade Village has a two permit system for visitor parking. Permit requests can be made at the recreation centre office during office hours. The office hours are Monday and Wednesday between 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Do not contact the operations manager at his residence.

Visitor permanent parking permit (VPPP)
  • A strata lot owner/resident* is entitled to two (free) VPPP per strata lot number.
  • A third VPPP may be purchased for $10.00 per year.
  • Each VPPP is officially issued and tracks the owner/resident name, strata lot number and date issued.

Visitor temporary parking permit (VTPP)

  • A VTPP is issued for one-time use with restrictions. This allows a visitor to park at Cascade Village for 1 day, or up to 7 days.**
  • A VTPP is issued for an event involving multiple visitors. Up to eight VTPPs are allowed per event for 1 day.
  •  A VTPP is only valid for the dates issued and are void after the expiry date. 
  • Each VTPP is officially issue and tracks the strata lot and dates specified.

*Strata lot owner/legal resident as defined in the Cascade Village Strata Bylaws.

**Upon expiration, a VTPP may be renewed by the strata lot owner/resident host. Extension requests must be done in person at the recreation office during available office hours. Consecutive extension requests for the same visitor vehicle may be denied.