Emergency information

Call 9-1-1 for fire, ambulance or police.

To report a crime in progress, or for immediate police assistance, call 9-1-1.  
Do NOT text message 9-1-1.

Building emergency

  • If your unit is experiencing a water leak contact the property manager. If the water leak is occurring after regular office hours call Associa British Columbia Inc. at 604.591.6060 | Toll Free 1-877.591.6060.

Water and electrical shut-offs

  • Be proactive and know where your water shut-off valves in your unit is located. Each unit will be different and knowing how to shut-off your water may reduce additional damage during a leak.
  • Electrical circuits in your unit are controlled by breaker switches in the electrical control panel. Please make sure you know the location of this panel and the function of each switch.

Responding to a fire or fire alarm

  • In the event of a building fire the building alarm will sound. These sound in each unit and the common areas. Upon hearing the building fire alarm please exit the building and gather in a safe area away from the building.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the location of the emergency exits and other fire fighting equipment. An information panel is situated beside the elevator on each floor.
  • The strata corporation is legally required to have an annual inspection of the fire alarm systems in each unit and all common areas. An accredited inspection company is hired to do this work. You will be advised in advance of the date and time for inspections. If you cannot be present at the time of inspection it is essential you make arrangements for someone to be present to allow access to your unit.