Garbage and recycling

Cascade Village receives condo and apartment complex garbage, recycling and green bin collection from the City of Burnaby. Residents are reminded to dispose of their household waste in the appropriate bins as the city may refuse pick-up or levy fines against the strata corporation if waste is continually disposed of in the wrong bin.

Recycling at Cascade Village

Cascade Village participates in the City of Burnaby’s recycling program. All residents are reminded to place their recyclables in the correct recycling bin and refrain from placing plastic bags in any recycling bin.

Food waste bin

Cascade Village also participates in the City of Burnaby green bin program. Residents are encouraged to wrap their organic food waste in newspaper before depositing into the green bin. The city DOES NOT ACCEPT BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC BAGS OR ANY PLASTIC BAGS in the food recycle bin.

Large items or appliances

Do not leave these items in the common disposal areas. Residents are solely responsible to make arrangements to dispose of large items or appliances. Most retailers offer a haul away at delivery or haul away at installation service. Contractors completing work on resident premises can dispose of appliances and residents are responsible for organizing.

Other recyclables

Cascade Village DOES NOT have provisions to dispose of large volumes of recyclable materials. Residents are encouraged to bring their unwanted items to the Burnaby Eco-Centre at 4855 Still Creek Drive (west of Douglas Road). The centre is open 7 days per week from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM except Statutory Holidays.